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The IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB) is the premier international forum for research in biometrics and related technologies. It combines two major biometrics conferences, the IEEE Biometrics Theory, Applications, and Systems (BTAS) conference and the International Conference on Biometrics (ICB), and is made possible through a special agreement between the IEEE Biometrics Council and the IAPR TC-4. IJCB 2024 is the 8th iteration of this major joint event and will be held in the United States of America, in Buffalo, New York between 15-18 September 2024. The conference is financially sponsored by the IEEE Biometrics Council and technically co-sponsored by IAPR.

Meeting Sponsors:

About the Sponsors

IEEE Biometrics Council

The IEEE Biometrics Council is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the science and technology of biometrics. Biometrics refers to the automated recognition of individuals based on their physiological or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial features, iris patterns, voice, and gait. The IEEE Biometrics Council aims to promote research, development, and education in biometrics, as well as to provide a forum for the exchange of information among professionals from academia, industry, and government agencies. The council is a part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology. With its focus on biometrics, the IEEE Biometrics Council plays a critical role in driving innovation and enabling the widespread adoption of biometric technologies in various applications, including law enforcement, border control, banking, healthcare, and access control.

IEEE Biometrics Council publishes a biometrics-oriented newsletter, which you can sign up for here: https://ieee-biometrics.org/publications/newsletter/

The International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)

The International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) is an association of non-profit, scientific or professional organizations (being national, multi-national, or international in scope) concerned with pattern recognition, computer vision, and image processing in a broad sense. Normally, only one organization is admitted from any one country, and individuals interested in taking part in IAPR’s activities may do so by joining their national organization. IJCB is sponsored through the IAPR Technical Committee on Biometrics (TC4).

IAPR publishes a regular newsletter, which you can sign up for here: https://iapr.org/news/announce-list/