Camera-ready Instructions

### Preparation

  1. Revise the paper based on the feedback from the reviewers.
  2. The content of the paper, including acknowledgements, must not exceed 8 pages. Additional pages may contain only references. Note that papers exceeding this limit will not be processed.
  3. Use the following templates for camera ready version:
    • LaTeX: LaTeX Template (click to download). To select the correct format, comment out the line  \usepackage[review]{cvpr}, and uncomment the line \usepackage{cvpr}.
    • Microsoft Word: Word Template (click to download)
  4. Do not number the pages. This is the default setting if you are using the LaTeX/ MS Word template.
  5. Do not alter the provided templates (LaTeX or MS Word). Papers using altered templates will not be placed on IEEE Xplore as per IEEE policy.
  6. Ensure that your paper complies with IEEE style guidelines. The provided templates and style files are compatible with IEEE standards.
  7. The PDF version of your paper must not exceed 50MB. If necessary, resize or down-sample images to meet this requirement.

### Validation

  1. You need to validate the final version of your paper using IEEE PDF eXpress.
  2. There are two ways of using IEEE PDF eXpress:
    • If you have already generated the PDF file, PDF eXpress can validate it.
    • PDF eXpress can generate an Xplore-compliant document from the following source files: MS-Word, WordPerfect, RTF (Rich Text Format), Freelance, LaTeX, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Word Pro, or Quark. If you used LaTeX, PageMaker, or Quark, follow the additional steps required to supply the images to IEEE.
  3. Login to IEEE PDF eXpress ( and follow their instructions.
  4. You will need to enter the conference ID: 62174X
  5. If you have used PDF eXpress before, you can use the same login details, and create an account for this conference.
  6. Submit the PDF file you wish to validate or the source files you wish to convert. PDF eXpress will process the submitted file(s) and send you an email with the validation result or the generated PDF.  You may need to repeat this process until a validated PDF file is generated. If you face any issues, contact IEEE PDF eXpress support at
  7. Note that IEEE PDF eXpress is a tool for checking style requirements only. It neither collects nor submits your paper. You will need to upload the validated paper manually.

### Submission

Deadline: All IJCB 2024 papers must be submitted by July 15, 2024, at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Papers submitted after the deadline may not be included in the conference proceedings or IEEE Xplore.

  1. Login to the CMT paper collection site:
  2. In the CMT “Author Console,” find your accepted paper(s). You will see links for “Create Camera Ready Submission” or “Edit Camera Ready Submission” if you’re resubmitting/editing, and “Submit IEEE Copyright Form” in the “Actions” column. You must follow the instructions in the given sequence.
  3. Click on the “Create/Edit Camera Ready Submission” link to access the camera-ready submission page for your accepted paper. Do not click on the “Submit IEEE Copyright Form” at this time. On the submission page, review and update the paper title and abstract in the “Title and Abstract” section if necessary to match your camera-ready submission. Note that you are not permitted to add or remove authors. However, reordering the author list is allowed without approval and can be done using the arrows next to each listed author in CMT.
  4. Name your camera-ready submission as `xxx.pdf` where `xxx` is the 3-digit paper ID (zero-padded if necessary). For example, if your paper ID is 10, the filename should be `010.pdf`. Rename your validated PDF file from PDF eXpress and upload it in the “Files” section.
  5. Optionally, if you wish to submit supplementary material, name the file as `xxx-supp.pdf` or ``, where `xxx` is the zero-padded, 3-digit paper ID. The supplementary file must be a single PDF or ZIP file of 20 MB or less and uploaded in the “Files” section. Note that supplementary material will only be included in the conference proceedings and not archived on IEEE Xplore.
  6. Complete and digitally sign the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form for your paper.  Once submitted, the copyright form cannot be changed. Ensure the title, author list (including order), and other details in CMT are correct before submitting the form.
  7. To complete your camera-ready submission, select “Submit IEEE Copyright Form” in the CMT “Author Console” and follow the instructions to complete, download, and submit the form. You will be redirected to an IEEE site to complete this process and then return to CMT to upload the form.

### Important Notes

  1. Ensure all steps are completed by the July 15, 2024 deadline. Papers without a completed copyright form will not be included in the conference proceedings or IEEE Xplore.
  2. The submission portal does not have autosave or auto-submit functionality. Remember to click the submit or save changes buttons to ensure your changes are recorded.
  3. If you need to correct an uploaded file, click “Edit Camera Ready Submission” to update your paper PDF and/or supplementary material. The latest submission at the time of the deadline will be considered final. The copyright form only needs to be submitted once per paper.
  4. Repeat the submission process for each accepted paper if you have multiple papers.